Dydd Gwyl Dewi/St. David's Day 2018

Parti Nadolig 2017 Christmas Party

Screening of 'Don't Take Me Home', September 20th (Tokyo)

We at the CDS Japan had the pleasure of showing 'Don't Take Me Home', the extraordinary story of the Welsh national football who made a nation proud by reaching the semi finals of Euro 2016, their first appearance at a major tournament since 1958. Thank you to one and all for attending and kind thanks to our host, the Clann in Jiyugaoka who provided us with great food and hospitality.

Diolch i bawb!

St David's Day, March 1st (Tokyo)

On March 1st, St. David's Society celebrated the national day of Wales at Bon Marche in Tsukiji. Lots of delicious food was consumed, and a fun time had by all. Penderyn Whiskey and Caws Cennarth join the event to exhibit their products and to provide tasting for all the guests. Thank you very much for your kind donations and support. 

Christmas Party, December 5th (Tokyo)



On December 5th, it was yet time for another celebration with the CDS's annual Christmas party. 


With plenty of food and drinks to keep everyone going, there was some singing, a very competitive Xmas quiz and wonderful raffle prizes to finish the night off. A very merry night indeed!



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Pride Movie Night, October 31st (Tokyo)

On October 31st, CDS got together for a movie and pizza night.


As it was also Halloween, we also enjoyed some Halloween treats too.


Excellent movie and lots of fun was had by all! 


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Welsh Food & Drink Event, with First Minister Carwyn Jones

On May 29th 2015 a Welsh Food and Drink event was held at the British Embassy,Tokyo in conjunction with the First Minister of Wales' visit to Japan. During Mr. Jones' visit, one of his aims was to promote Welsh produce in Japan with the aim to increase imports from Wales into Japan. 


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Welsh Cheese & Beer, Tokyo, May 29th 2015 



The Welsh Cheese & Beer event was a fantastic success. An outstanding variety of cheese and beer and mouth watering canapés curtsey of the British Embassy chef. 



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Welsh Cooking Class, Tokyo, May 16th 2015



Welsh Cooking Class in Tokyo, followed by afternoon tea.


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Kansai, Welsh Cookery Class, March 29, 2015

ウェールズ料理教室(関西) 2015 3/29

Photos taken at the Welsh Cookery Class held on March 29, 2015 at Corabo Senri-Chuo, Toyonaka. A professional chef, Mrs Mie Neda taught us how to cook Traditional Welsh Cuisine such as Cawl, Welsh Rarebit, and Pan-cooked Salmon with Herbs. Spice cake and Laver bread were also served. They were really yummy!


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Kansai, The 9th Welsh Cultural Festival, 2015 

第9回ウェールズ文化祭2015 (関西)

9th Welsh Cultural Festival, held February 28th 2015 at "Corabo", Senri Chuo, Toyonaka-shi, Osaka.Talk show, mini concerts if Welsh music, lectures and lots of Welsh sweets!  Attracted 199 visitors in a day.


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第9回 ウェールズ文化祭の写真です。トークショーにウェールズ音楽のミニコンサート、レクチャー、ウェールズのお菓子と盛りだくさん!199人の入場者がありました。


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Tokyo, St. David's Day Party, 2015


Tokyo St. David's Day lunch at the Foreign Correspondents Club. A fantastic day, with fabulous food and great Welsh music. 


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Kansai Christmas Party, 2014 

2014 クリスマスパーティー(関西)

Kansai Christmas Party: A focus on FOOD...


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Kansai Welsh Cultural Festival, 2014

ウェールズ文化祭 2014 (関西)

8th Welsh Cultural Festival, held March 30th 2014 at "Corabo", Senri Chuo,

Toyonaka-shi, Osaka.


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8回 ウェールズ文化祭の写真です。


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Tokyo St. David's Day British Embassy Party, 2014

Musical concert with the harpist Hannah Stone.


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St. David's Party, Tokyo, 2014


Pre St. David's Day Party to welcome the Welsh harpist Hannah Stone.  See more photos by clicking on the link below:


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Kansai Welsh Cultural Festival, 2013

ウェールズ文化祭 2013 (関西)

Welsh Cultural Festival, held on March 17th 2013 at "Corabo", Senri Chuo, Toyonaka-shi, Osaka! 

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Kansai Welsh Cultural Festival, 2012

ウェールズ文化祭 2012 (関西)

Welsh Cultural Festival held on March 18th 2012 at "Corabo", Senri Chuo, Toyonaka-shi, Osaka!

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Hanami, April 15th (Osaka)

"Pan-British Hanami" held in Osaka-shi on April 16th 2011.


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Kansai Welsh Cultural Festival, 2011

ウェールズ文化祭 2011 (関西)

Photos of Kansai's Welsh Cultural Festival 2011, which was held at "Corabo", Toyonakashi Senri Bunka Centre in Senri Chuo on March 12th 2011. As the event was held a day after the Great Tohoku & Kanto Earthquake, Mr. Ochiai, from Sendai was unable to participate. However, we were fortunate to have a wonderful guest speaker and photographer, Mr. Rhys Jones give a slide show and talk about Wales. Entertainment was provided by the Osaka Male Voice Choir, with Welsh food tasting, including Welsh Cakes.


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St. David's Day Party, Kansai, 2011

関西 St. David's Day パーティー 2011

Kansai's St. David's Day Party 2011, which was held following the "Welsh Cultural Festival". This year's Japanese-style cafe, WAFURUMAI, was very helpful. They helped decorate the cafe with lots of daffodils and cultural symbols of Wales.


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『ウェールズ文化祭』後に行われたSt David's Day パーティーの様子です。今年の会場、和風カフェの『和ふるまい』はとても協力的で、




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St. David's Day Dinner, Tokyo, 2011

Tokyo CDS celebrated St. David's Day on February 26th, 2011 in Tsukiji. Members celebrated the Patron Saint of Wales with lots of delicious Welsh food.


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   東京CDSでは、2011226日にSt. David's Day Dinnerを開催しました。ウェールズ料理と共に、ウェールズの守護聖人の日を祝いました。



Christmas Party, Kansai, 2010

クリスマス・パーティー2010 (関西)

Kansai Christmas Party 2010, where we enjoyed a traditional British Christmas dinner, sang carols and competed against each other in a Christmas quiz.


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Christmas Party,Tokyo, 2010

Tokyo CDS held a wonderful Christmas Party in Akasaka. We celebrated a little early this year with turkey and all the traditional trimmings.



Hanami Picnic, Tokyo, 2010

Tokyo CDS and Cardiff University Alumni held a Hanami picnic together. We enjoyed a spring picnic together in Tamagawadai Park, which was blooming with Sakura trees.




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St. Davids Day Dinner, 2010

Annual St. David's Day celebration was held on February 28th 2010.  A great time was had celebrating tother reminiscing about our soil, Wales.

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Daffodil Festival, Izu, 2010

A day trip to Izu: To enjoy the beautiful scenery and blooming daffodils. The park was filled with over 3 million daffodils and the view was amazing. We enjoyed beautiful ocean views, and excellent local food.


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St. David's Day Party, Tokyo, 2008

St. David Society Tokyo had an annual celebration party of St. David's Day at 1st of March. This party introduced a presentation of Wales, Welsh ness and various photos of Wales. Also, it provided attendants with opportunities to expand friendship.


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