General · 01. March 2022
Happy St. David’s Day / Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus! If you’re unsure how to 'Welsh' up your day, check out some of these “random acts of Welshness” for inspiration! →
General · 25. February 2022
The Kitakyushu Welsh Cup A "Welsh Cup" was presented to the Kitakyushu Rugby Union by Ursula Bartlett Imadegawa, the President of the St. David’s Society, to thank them for the legacy of the Rugby World Cup 2019 and to wish the next generation of rugby players well in their development and success. Photo shared with us by Yoko Yobori from the Welsh Government.
General · 01. February 2022
Wales International are running 4 youth singing competitions virtually for the St. David’s Day Weekend! Opportunity to win $1000 towards travel and a chance to perform at the 2023 North American Festival of Wales in Lincoln, Nebraska. Submissions must be uploaded February 11th/12th depending your location. Check the PDF below for more info!
General · 01. February 2022
The Welsh Government invite us all to join them in celebrating our national day by taking part in our own “little act of Welshness” and sharing it on social media. What are "little acts of Welshness?” - Well, it could be anything! From dressing up in your best Welsh clothes, to cooking up a batch of Welsh Cakes, to simply doing a bit of “canu” and “dawnsio” (singing and dancing). All you have to do it photograph or film yourself doing the act ready to post it on the day (March...