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April-May Newsletter

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This month’s key topics: ■ St. David’s Day event write up ■ News from Wales ■ Special mentions


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April-May Newsletter
April Newsletter -2.pdf
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Thank you for attending our St. David’s Day celebrations!

A huge thank you to all those who attended our postponed St David’s event on April 2nd; we had a great time and hope you did too. We have greatly missed in-person interactions so it was good to see existing friends re-united and new friendships made. And the icing on the cake was that we were able to collect ¥45,000 towards a rugby related trophy for Oita to thank them for their support to Wales during the Rugby World Cup and ¥34,000 that we have donated to International Red Cross. 

Thank you all for your generosity in giving and also to those who kindly donated prizes. 

We look forward to the next time we can all get together!

[Posted Apr 4, 2022]

Final day to sign up for our St. David’s Event!

Today is the last day to sign up for our St. David’s (+ one month) event, which will be held on 2nd April. Check the events tab for the details. If you have already signed up but haven’t paid yet, please get in touch and we will forward you the details again! We look forward to seeing you on the 2nd!

Happy St. David’s Day

Happy St. David’s Day / Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

If you’re unsure how to 'Welsh' up your day, check out some of these “random acts of Welshness” for inspiration! →https://www.wales.com/randomacts

Message from the CDS President:

Happy St David’s Gwyl Dewi Sant day to all!

As we enjoy this glorious weather many of us will think our families and friends at home in Wales.

Lets us also spare a thought for Ukraine and pray for peace.

I realized last night that this is the first St David's Day since the founding of the St David's Society of Japan / Cymdeithas Dewi Sant in 1981 that I have not either attended as a guest or helped organize our St David's society celebration.  I am so looking forward to getting together with you at our official delayed St David's Celebration on April 2nd.  

Have a great day and make sure you join in the  Welsh Government’s initiative "Random Acts of Welshness”. Check out this super link on youtube which opens with Richard Burton quoting St David's "Do the little things as I have shown you”.  It's fun to watch so enjoy! → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJKLdtOP0ow


My random act of Welshness is displaying our flag for all to enjoy!  I will also make Welsh cakes!


- Ursula

[Posted Mar 1, 2022]

The Kitakyushu Welsh Cup

A "Welsh Cup" was presented to the Kitakyushu Rugby Union by Ursula Bartlett Imadegawa, the President of the St. David’s Society, to thank them for the legacy of the Rugby World Cup 2019 and to wish the next generation of rugby players well in their development and success.


Photo shared with us by Yoko Yobori from the Welsh Government. 


[Posted Feb 25, 2022]

March Newsletter

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This month’s key topics:

■ St. David’s Day event has been postponed

■ News from Wales

■ Online St. David's program by the St. David’s Society’s Kansai branch


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March Newsletter
March Newsletter.pdf
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[Posted Feb 22, 2022.]

Update regarding our St. David’s Day lunch

We have some sad news, followed by some very EXCITING news! Unfortunately, due to the current COVID situation and still being in a quasi state of emergency, we have decided it best to postpone our St. David’s Day celebrations. So - instead our holding our event as a lunch of the 27th February, we will be holding it on the 2nd April  as a dinner. All other details, including location and price, will be the same. Check events for the updated poster!


Please let us know if you are able to come and join us for a great evening of singing, dancing, humour, great food and fabulous company! We will also be holding a raffle with some great prizes!!


[Posted Feb 18, 2022.]

Celebrate St. David’s Day with acts of "Welshness"

The Welsh Government invite us all to join them in celebrating our national day by taking part in our own “little act of Welshness” and sharing it on social media. 


What are "little acts of Welshness?” - Well, it could be anything! From dressing up in your best Welsh clothes, to cooking up a batch of Welsh Cakes, to simply doing a bit of “canu” and “dawnsio” (singing and dancing). All you have to do it photograph or film yourself doing the act ready to post it on the day (March 1st) with the hashtags #RandomActsOfWelshness and #PethauBychain.


Let’s turn the world Welsh this St. David’s Day!


Check here for more details and inspiration: Random Acts of Welshness


Can o Gymru 2022 - Song from Wales 2022

Wales International are running 4 youth singing competitions virtually for the St. David’s Day Weekend!

Opportunity to win $1000 towards travel and a chance to perform at the 2023 North American Festival of Wales in Lincoln, Nebraska. Submissions must be uploaded February 11th/12th depending your location. Check the PDF below for more info!

Can o Gymru 2022 - Song from Wales 2022
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January-February Newsletter from the CDS President

January-February Newsletter from the CDS President
Jan-Feb Newsletter.pdf
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November-December Newsletter from the CDS President

November-December Newsletter from the CDS President
Nov-Dec Newsletter.pdf
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October Newsletter from the CDS President

October Newsletter from the CDS President
October Newsletter.pdf
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September Newsletter from the CDS President

September Newsletter from the CDS President
September - CDS Newsletter.pdf
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Greeting to Olympic Athletes coming to Japan


 While we are unable to repeat the in-person events that we organised for the Rugby World Cup, we want you to know that we in the St. David's Society are your greatest fans in Japan. We hope you keep well and safe during your visit, and wish you the best of luck with the games!


If you have any questions, contact us by email at japancds@gmail.com or directly via our Facebook page. 


To ensure you come back, check out this Japan info site: https://www.japan.travel/tokyo-and-beyond-2020/en

June Newsletter from the CDS President

June Newsletter from the CDS President
June Newsletter PDF.pdf
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May Newsletter from the CDS President

May Newsletter from the CDS President
May Newsletter.pdf
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April Newsletter from the CDS President

April Newsletter from the CDS President
April Newsletter.pdf
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March Newsletter from the CDS President

March Newsletter from the CDS President
CDS March Newsletter PDF.pdf
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February Newsletter from the CDS President

February Newsletter from the CDS President
Feb Presidents Newsletter.pdf
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January Newsletter from the CDS President

January Newsletter from the CDS President
January Newsletter PDF.pdf
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↑ 2021 ↑

December Newsletter from the CDS President

December Newsletter from the CDS President
Dec CDS Newsletter.pdf
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November Newsletter from the CDS President

November Newsletter from the CDS President
CDS Nov Newsletter.pdf
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October Newsletter from the CDS President

October Newsletter from the CDS President
Oct Letter St Davids Soc.pdf
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September Newsletter from the CDS President

September Letter.pdf
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Photo Contest - Winners and Entries!

Thank you to all of you in Japan and abroad who sent us your pictures for our summer photo contest! It was lovely seeing what you have all been up to during these difficult times! Now to announce the winners...
・The first prize of a 3500-yen coupon to be used at the next CDS event of the winner’s choice goes to… Moriya Nagako, who has been spending this extra time studying Welsh.
・The second prize of a bottle of RWC Welsh Sparkling Sake goes to… Giuseppe Li, who has been making use of social distancing to discover more of Tokyo on bike.
・And the third prize of some Welsh goodies goes to… Christine Kobayashi, who has been spending the pandemic getting into a good mystery book (or two)!
If you are one of the winners, please let us know how we can get your prize to you!
We have also attached the photo entries, so if you have time, have a look and see what everyone else has been up to.
PhotoContest Pictures
Summer Photo Contest Pictures.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.1 MB

Weʼre raising £1,000 to help with the relief effort in Kumamoto City, Japan after torrential flooding.

Calling on all Welsh, especially Welsh Rugby Fans and those who enjoyed the hospitality of Kumamoto and the area during the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan! We are currently aiming to raise £1,000 to help with the relief effort in Kumamoto City, Japan after torrential flooding.


If you were able to visit Kumamoto and nearby areas during the RWC, you will have experienced the incredible hospitality that they gave the Welsh fans and team. Not only did they learn our national songs, they sang proudly with us at the games and waved our flag. 


Kumamoto is one of the areas currently suffering from record breaking flooding and landslides, which has devastated the area leaving thousands without a place to call home.


Please donate anything you can to our fundraising page below. Diolch!



Summer #AtHome Photo Contest (Entry by Aug 15th)

For many of us Welsh (and lovers of Wales) in Japan, the spread of COVID-19 has not only isolated us from our friends in Japan, but from family and friends back in Wales too. While the State of Emergency has been lifted for Japan and we are no longer "stuck" at home, many of us are still working from home or simply opting to stay at home where possible.


Many of our events this year, including our monthly meet-ups, have been cancelled due to the coronavirus, which has made it difficult to keep our Welsh community active. But we feel that in times like these, it is especially important to try to stay united! 


We are currently in the process of planning our next event, and under the current situation, we think it will be held in early September. For the time being, let us know how you have been doing by entering our 2020 Summer #AtHome Photo contest!


Share with us a photo and a little comment which you feel sums up your time during the Covid-19 pandemic. See the attached poster for details and an entry example by the CDS president, Ursula.


We look forward to seeing your photos!

June Update from the President of CDS

CDS President Letter June
CDS President Letter June .pdf
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Notes for Rheidol Prize
Notes for Rheidol Prize.pdf
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Some light reading to enjoy while you #stayhome during the coronavirus outbreak!

Tales of Two Ships
Adobe Acrobat Document 238.5 KB
Wales and Japan in WW1
Wales and Japan in WW1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 194.3 KB
Wales Saturday School
Wales Sat School.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 88.2 KB

A message to our members

Dear CDS Members,


Hello to all of you, trusting you are all being sensible Welsh men and women and keeping well in this age of Covid-19?  We are sad that we have had to cancel our fun events, our pub nights, our Ohanami party and have had to postpone our Shakespeare and Welsh event.  However, we look forward to hosting future fun events when we can all celebrate the return to normal life and enjoy being Welsh together as soon as it is safely possible to do so!


Please do be careful and stay well.  Use your "Brains" as they say in Cardiff!


While the daily news seems bleak we thankfully have so many apps to help us keep in touch with loved ones in Wales and around the world. I thought you might enjoy these videos I found online which give us a glimpse of home.


Enjoy and stay healthy.


1) Walk the Wales Coast Path 

 WALES IS THE ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD with a continuous path around its entire coast. The Wales Coast Path (or Llwybr Arfordir Cymru, in Welsh) promises 870 miles of unbroken, unspoilt, coastal walking around the entire Welsh coast — making it arguably the best walk in Wales.


2) Visit Wales once this is all sorted.



3) Fun video showing the best of Wales to Obama and us!



Enjoy and stay healthy.


Ursula, Bethany and Chris.


↑  2020  ↑

Remembrance Day 2018

The occasion this year was rather special, as it was exactly 100 years since the 1918 Armistice, and the ceremony took place on Sunday the 11th of November at eleven o’clock exactly.


This year the New Zealand Embassy was organizing, and as usual, the St. David’s Society was able to participate. We were blessed with perfect weather, which was an added plus.


Spokespersons from various faiths said prayers, which served as a reminder that so many people from the old colonies participated in the hostilities. There were readings of poems by John McCrae’s In Flanders Fields and Binyon’s They Shall Not Grow Old. The Last Post was sounded and at exactly 11 am. there was two minutes’ silence, followed by the laying of the wreaths and I felt honoured to be able to lay one on behalf of our Society. All in all, a very touching and tasteful ceremony. 



- Christopher Barnett

Doreen Simmons - Order of the Rising Sun

Doreen Simmons a long term loyal member of  the St David's Society was recently honoured by the Japanese Government, invited to the Imperial Palace and awarded the Order of the Rising Sun. Gold and Silver Rays. In her words, the Order of the Rising Sun. Gold and Silver Rays is mainly given to people at the bottom of the list who do all the work themselves. As usual Doreen is being very polite about the wonderful work she has done promoting Sumo over many years in English.  For our society she has been an invaluable singer of Welsh songs and helped us win the Inter-loyal- society's brain bowl.   


Our congratulations to Doreen a member to be proud of! (7 Jan 2018)

Annwyl gyfeillion / Dear all


Blwyddyn Newydd Dda / Happy New Year!


Newydd da: byddaf yn cynnig gwersi Japaneg, Cymraeg, Saesneg i Siaradwyr Ieithoedd Eraill, Piano, Clarinet, Darllen Cerddoriaeth, a Theori Cerddoriaeth. Byddaf hefyd yn ymgymryd â gwaith cyfieithu a golygu, ac ar gael i gyfeilio mewn arholiadau Associated Board. Wele’r atodiadau am fanylion pellach.

Byddaf yn gweithio o gartref (Kirton Close, Radyr Way, Y Tyllgoed); mae hefyd fodd dysgu iaith ar skype. Os oes diddordeb gennych chi, eich plant neu eich cydnabod mewn dysgu gyda fi eleni, cysylltwch am ymgynghoriad. Byddaf yn gwerthfawrogi unrhyw gymorth y gallwch ei gynnig drwy ledu’r gair ar lafar, drwy ebostio, neu osod ffleiar yn y gweithle ac ati. Pob hwyl ichi ar gyfer 2018.


Good news: I will be offering lessons in Japanese, Welsh, English to Speakers of Other Languages, Piano, Clarinet, Sight Singing, and Music Theory. I will also be taking on translation and proofreading work (Welsh/English), and will be available to accompany in Associated Board examinations. See attachments for further details.


I will be working from home (Kirton Close, Radyr Way, Fairwater); Ianguages can also be taught via skype. If you, your children or your acquaintances are interested, please contact me for a consultation. I would appreciate any help you can offer in spreading the word verbally, by email, or by posting a flyer in your workplace and so forth. All the best to you for 2018.

It was with pleasure that Ursula Bartlett, President of the St David's Welsh Society Of Japan presented their donation to Elizabeth Jury and Brittany Wilkins for the Seisen Women's Football Team. The donation had been collected at the St David's Society event showing the film "Don't Take Me Home", which showcased recent Welsh success in the Euro 2016. 


A big thank you to all for attending the wonderful event with a special thank you to The Clann for being great hosts. You can view the photos in the photo section of our website.

Tourism Expo 2017 Wales Tourism Seminar - 23-24 Sep 2017

Top 20 beautiful roads in Europe" North Wales is awarded as one of Top 20 "Road of Castles in a country in Wonderland/Wales.


Welsh Government will exhibit at E-23 (East 1 hall) in the Europe square for the first time.


Followed by Conwy’s success as one of “Top 30 beautiful villages in Europe” awarded in Jun.2015,

“Road of castles in a country of Wonderland/Wales” is now again awarded as “Top 20 beautiful roads in Europe” by JATA in August 2017.


Jim Jones, Managing Director of North Wales Tourism, visits Japan to do a presentation about  the newest and improved North Wales as Tourism Direction from Japan at Europe Square of East-1 hall

at Tourism Expo/Tokyo Big Site on Saturday 23th and Sunday 24th of September 2017.


Please come to Tourism Expo to meet Jim Jones to cheer him up for his promotion of North Wales.

Admission fee of the Tourism Expo is JPY1,300.


Tourism Expo: http://www.t-expo.jp/biz/


23rd September(Sat.)24th September(Sun.)2017

U.K. Seminar   13:25 – 14:55 (Wales Tourism Seminar will start at 13:55- 14:55)

Welsh Harp Concert, Tokyo, Dec 18th 2015

Learn about the history of the Welsh Harp and listen to its magical sounds. Also, enjoy listening to Welsh Folk Songs along to the music.

Date: December 18th 2015

Time: 18:30 - 20:00

Place: Asahi Culture Centre, Shinjuku

Access: https://www.asahiculture.jp/shinjuku/access

Price: 4,320 (Members) / 4,968 (Non-Members)

For Japanese Information click on the following link: 


日本カムリ学会 第22回例会 in 大阪








場所:大阪大学中之島センター事務室  講義室20



受付開始 13:30~

個別報告 14:00~14:45


                                         報告者 梶本元信氏

休憩    14:45~15:00

講演    15:00~16:40


                                                 講演者 永井一郎氏


総会    16:40~17:00

懇親会   18:00~







日本カムリ学会 まで












Lecture on Wales in Kyoto

There will be a lecture on Wales at Kyoto University by the first Japanese town councilor in the U.K.

Title: "Celts, the nationalist movement and the culture of Wales"
Date & Time: Sun., 22nd Nov. from 13:00 to 14:30
Venue : Kyoto University, Faculty of Letters East Bldg. 1F  "Bunpika" room
Admission: Free 
Reservation: Not required
    * DVDs and panels on Wales are also shown at the room from 11:00 to 16:00
    * The lecture is conducted in Japanese and is held as an event of the university's 
        November Festival

For further information and direction, please refer to the attached flyer.

Wales First Minister Visits Japan, Sept 7th - 11, 2015

The Welsh First Minister, Carwyn Jones is visiting Japan from September 7th for five days. During his trip he will visit a number of companies with businesses interests in Wales and attend an event at the Embassy to promote Welsh food and drink.


To read his speech ahead of his Japan visit see the Welsh Government page.

To follow his visit in Japan follow him on Twitter.

Welsh Summer Course, Aberystwyth, Summer 2015

Cwrs Dwys Haf Aberystwyth / Intensive Welsh Summer Course in Aberystwyth. 

For further information please see the website or e-mail the Centre.

Classes will run over a period of 4 weeks and will be adapted to suit each level. It is possible to join for any number of weeks. Accommodation is available, with the option of an en-suite or a non en-suite room. For prices, please contact the Centre .










Cwrs Dwys Haf Aberystwyth. Os hoffech mwy o fanylion am y Cwrs, ewch i’r wefan 

neu e-bostiwch y Ganolfan .

Mae yna ddosbarth yn rhedeg ar gyfer bob lefel am y 4 wythnos a does ddim rhaid i chi fynychu am y 4 wythnos cyfan.

Mae llety hefyd ar gael gyda opsiwn o lety en-suite ac heb en-suite. Am brisiau, cysylltwch â’r Ganolfan.

Trade Mission to Tokyo, Japan, May 30th - June 6th 2015 

The Welsh Government is providing an opportunity for Welsh businesses to participate in a trade mission to Tokyo, Japan, with a vision to increase Welsh exports to Tokyo and the wider Japanese market. 

Read the full report. 

A Dictionary of British Culture


A Dictionary of UK Culture "IGIRISU BUNKA JITEN" (in Japanese), published by Maruzen.


The book is made up of 15 chapters, which looks at various aspects of Welsh culture and traditions, including Welsh society, literature, poetry, drama, film, music, art, education, sports, and history. Many members from St. David’s Society, Japan and the Academic Society of Welsh Studies in Japan contributed their work to the book. You are sure to find many familiar names among the authors.


It also looks at the other countries in the United Kingdom: England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, with a total of 389 topics covering a range of topics on British culture. The book is divided into sections making it an easy book to either read from cover to cover or just to dip into.

Price: 20,000 yen plus consumption tax.

Happy reading!

















北アイルランドに関しても それぞれの独自の民族性、歴史、文化、慣習、言語などを

網羅した辞典は 他に例を見ないものでしょう。




Short Modern Welsh Stories in Japanese / 20世紀ウェールズ短編集

Short Modern Welsh Stories in Japanese, translated by Kuniko Fujisawa, a CDS member.

Mrs. Fujisawa is a professional translator who holds Welsh literature deer to her heart. In her new website she introduces short modern Welsh stories from the 20th century to Japanese readers.


Mrs. Fujisawa gained copyright permission directly from the authors, copyright holders and other agents to publish this work. As a result of the Welsh Literature Exchange’s corporation and encouragement her ‘Hiraeth’ to Wales was able to be realized.


The stories are written in Japanese. Please feel free to share them with others who may be interested in Welsh culture. More stories will appear on the site in the summer.


Happy reading!






著作権が切れている作品以外の翻訳許諾は、作者、その家族などの著作権保持者、または著作権代理人から直接得たものです。その交渉では、Welsh Literature Exchangeに多大の協力と応援をいただき、ウェールズへの想いが実現しました。










Adobe Acrobat Document 2.1 MB
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.3 MB













 吉川弘文館 歴史文化ライブラリー350

   ISBN 9784642057509






そしてなにより、 この希代の人物に寄せる桜井さんの親愛の情が理解できます。



Book on Gerald of Wales published!

"England Okoku to Tatakatta Otoko  

                   -- Gerald of Wales no Jidai"

 Yoshikawa Koubunkan Rekishi Bunka Library 350 

 ISBN 9784642057509
 \1,700+consumption tax

About history in the 12th century, specifically, who Giraldus was, what he won and lost, how he became Welsh, and Mr. Sakurai's affection toward this extraordinary man.

You can buy a copy on Amazon JP.



 (エリアスタディーズ 94)
 出版 : 明石書店 20120115日発売
 ISBN 978-4-7503-3522-3

"A Journey to Celtic Britain and Ireland"

Mr. Yoshifumi Nagata, is a CDS member, who recently published a guide book on the UK.


"A Journey to Celtic Britain and Ireland (52 chapters)"

  By Yoshifumi Nagata

  Published by Akashi-shoten

  Price: 2000+tex yen

  ISBN: 978-4-7503-3522-3



A wonderful guidebook about Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Manx and other Celtic regions in England looking at their music, legends and historical sites.

Includes a 174 Celtic music disk, guides and beautiful photos (taken by the author). Written in Japanese.

New Welsh Textbook in Japanese 


Do you have any Japanese friends who would like to learn Welsh?

If so, there is a new and wonderful and textbook available. It is very user-friendly and written in JAPANESE and WELSH! 


"Ue-ruzu Go no Kihon"( The basics of the Welsh language)  written by Yoshifumi Nagata & Takeshi Koike


This textbook is for complete beginners, and each Welsh word has katakana underneath, making it easy to pronounce everything! 

Grammatical explanations are in Japanese and there is an extensive list of vocabulary (including daily words and place names). It's easy to learn the Welsh language from the very beginning, step by step. There is also an audio data to help you practice the Welsh pronunciation, which can be downloaded from the above website.  

If you have any Japanese friends who wish to learn Welsh, pass this information on!


『ウェールズ語の基本 ~入門から会話まで』を出版されました。





豊富な例文と練習問題で、まじめにやっていれば、 基礎がしっかりと身につくはずです。 












Love from Wales -イギリス・ウェールズの生き方-」電子版

E-Book “Love from Wales”

Hayase Yamagishi, a Cardiff University graduate, has created an E-bookversion of her art exhibition, ‘Love from Wales’, which was held last June. It is now FREE to download. Ms. Yamagishi says, “I made this e-book to let more people know about Wales, I would appreciate it if you could spread this e-book via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter!”


Love from Wales (E-book)


絵と詩の個展Love from Wales-イギリス・ウェールズの生き方」の作品集が



電子書籍版Love from Wales ―イギリス・ウェールズの生き方